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Latest current version is 0.99.6

Previous stable version is 0.17

What is MenuMaker?

MenuMaker is a menu generation utility. It is capable of finding lots of installed programs and generating a root menu consistent across all supported X window managers, so one will get (almost) the same menu no matter what window manager is selected. It is pure Python application hence it runs on every relevant system.

Supported X window managers (As of 0.99.6)

Getting started

The easiest way is to get the source distribution, unpack it into a temporary directory and perform the usual ./configure; make; make install sequence. It is not required however as MenuMaker runs off the source tree as well. The MenuMaker's command-line driver is called mmaker.
The simplest MenuMaker invokation form is as follows: mmaker x_window_manager. This command employs all available algorithms to find all installed applications and dumps a fully usable and consistent menu into the specified window manager's default menu file. For the full list of available options consult mmaker's online help (mmaker --help).

Random tips

Implemented search algorithms

Currently there are three algorithms that are in use by MenuMaker:

Getting MenuMaker

The latest MenuMaker can be downloaded from here.


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